• “Our home visitor has been visiting our home since my son was 3 months old, and continues to visit us. My son is now 2 ½ years old. My home visitor, along with the program itself is genuinely caring and committed to our family.”

      Madeline Flores
    • “I would like to say thank you to Project Bisita I Familia for all the help they have done for me and my family.”

      Leilani Toves
    • “What I liked most about this program was they support me, guide me through my parenting and support me through school even though this program wasn’t part of school somewhat.”

      Diantelynn Buliche
    • “I would recommend this program and let other families know it is a good and helpful program.”

      Chelanie Manalo
    • “I would like to say thank you! To you and faculty for taking time to bring together this program to better ourselves for the sake of our children. They are our future and the environment would be a better place for programs as yourselves lending a helping hand. We are forever grateful. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

      Telina Hawk
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